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Vitamin B6 Hcl DC

1.Solubility Freely soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol 96%v/v.
2.Description White to yellowish powder.
3.Identification Complies test EP Ed 6.8.
4.Appearance of the Solution Complies test EP Ed 6.8.
5.pH Between 2.4 and 3.0 (EP Ed 6.8)
6.Related substances Impurity B: NMT 0.15% Unknown individual impurities: NMT 0.10% Total impurities: NMT 0.2%
7.Loss on drying: 8.Residue on ignition: NMT 0.5 % (EP Ed 6.8). NMT 0.1 % (EP Ed 6.8).
9.Heavy Metals: Max. 20 ppm (EP Ed 6.8).
10.Particle size: Pass mesh 1400μm: NLT 95%.Pass mesh 150μm: NLT 35%.
11.Assay (HPLC): Between 96.0% and 99.0 %on dried basis (EP Ed 6.8).